Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diversity in politics reflects the health of our democracy, says Peta-Jane

Peta-Jane has graciously shared some comments about what she hopes to get out of the public panel tomorrow.

"We've become so side-tracked by the quirks of a hung parliament, that encouraging greater diversity in our political process has taken a back seat.”

“I don't just mean in terms of increasing our ethnic diversity, but also gender, sexuality, and representation in age too. Where one in four Australians are born overseas, more than half of our population is female, and the average age is 37, I can understand people who question why our political representatives do not reflect who we are as a nation.”

“At the moment there is so much ‘uncivil’ debate in Australian public life. I think most Australians have a hunger for a kinder, more inclusive society and for forums that allow us to step back and recognise we are part of the same political community. I’m hoping our panel can explore another dimension of how our democracy can be deepened,” she stated.

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